Saturday, May 10, 2008

Smeagol d FedEx 76(4) 76(7)

After I reached home last night from my cousin's friends' BBQ party, I found out that Federer was playing against Stepanek for the ATP Rome quarterfinals! So, I went online and open up the live scores. The points were really close but, I didn't seem to care a lot because I was quite sure Federer will win. Buuuuuuuutttttttttt....... He lost in the first tie break! And then, he lost in the second tie break! The points were so close!


Btw, here's a very interesting conversation between ErJie and I while we were watching the match and the live scores. Enjoy!

lynnxuan: cmon!! let it be 4-4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lynnxuan wong is online.

Lynthia: yeah!

Sent at 11:46 PM on Friday
lynnxuan: he really can't lose la

Lynthia: yeah

Sent at 11:46 PM on Friday
lynnxuan: with djoker in the QF no way!!
fed must win

Sent at 11:47 PM on Friday
lynnxuan: berdebar debar

Sent at 11:47 PM on Friday
lynnxuan: palpitations, scientifically speaking
u know.. at this point fed have more total points won

Lynthia: yeah

Sent at 11:48 PM on Friday
lynnxuan: argghh 30-40!

Lynthia: aahhh

Sent at 11:48 PM on Friday
lynnxuan: argghh i feel very chinchang

Sent at 11:49 PM on Friday

lynnxuan: deuce deuce cmon

Lynthia: yeah

Sent at 11:49 PM on Friday

lynnxuan: deuce liao

Lynthia: yes!

Sent at 11:49 PM on Friday
lynnxuan: adv fed adv fed pleasier

Sent at 11:49 PM on Friday
lynnxuan: can easily burn calories watching livescores
u watching the tv as well?
adv to fed pls pls pls pls
this is bad

Lynthia: yeah

Sent at 11:50 PM on Friday
lynnxuan: deuce back deuce bank.. ishk

Lynthia: ishk!!!!!

Sent at 11:51 PM on Friday
lynnxuan: dead
he is winning in 4 points!!!!!

Lynthia: ishk!!!!

Sent at 11:51 PM on Friday
lynnxuan: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he has double match point

Lynthia: ishk

Sent at 11:54 PM on Friday
lynnxuan: my scoreboard cacat
what happen

Lynthia: refresh

Sent at 11:54 PM on Friday
lynnxuan: update me hjere
by the time refresh game over liao lor

Lynthia: 40-30

lynnxuan: 4-5 liao
pls pls fed must break this now!
now or never

Lynthia: 4-5

lynnxuan: i am feeling a layer of heat all over me now

Lynthia: haha

Sent at 11:56 PM on Friday
lynnxuan: technically, fed has more total points won, u know

Lynthia: yeah
wow.. teh crowds roared when he won his fourth game

Sent at 11:57 PM on Friday
lynnxuan: of course la
federer mar
cmon fed

Lynthia: ok...

lynnxuan: win win win

Lynthia: 40-0

lynnxuan: triple break point
one more one more

Lynthia: yeah

lynnxuan: do u think federer playing ok this time?

Lynthia: 40-15
not really

lynnxuan: or like not so stable??

Lynthia: yeah..

lynnxuan: ishk

Lynthia: 5-5

lynnxuan: but smeagol is 0-30 now!

Lynthia: wat?

lynnxuan: NOOO

Lynthia: 15-30

Sent at 12:02 AM on Saturday

lynnxuan: the radek stepanek looks like smeagol huh
cmon roger
break it break it

Lynthia: yeah!

lynnxuan: NO!
we need a deuce now

Lynthia: ishk~

Sent at 12:03 AM on Saturday
lynnxuan: deuce deuce
ishk DEUCE~!
cmon deuce cmon

Lynthia: haiks

Sent at 12:04 AM on Saturday
lynnxuan: deuce!

Lynthia: yes

Sent at 12:04 AM on Saturday
lynnxuan: cmon roger adv to u... pls pls pls

Lynthia: no!!!!

Sent at 12:06 AM on Saturday
lynnxuan: if only roger won first set's tie breaker

Lynthia: yeah

Sent at 12:07 AM on Saturday

lynnxuan: he still has more total points won
but what is the point if at the end he lost still

Lynthia: ishk

Sent at 12:07 AM on Saturday

lynnxuan: 40-0

Lynthia: yes!

Sent at 12:08 AM on Saturday

lynnxuan: suddenly nia 40-0
cmon cmon cmon
u need to win a tie break this time
tie break!

Lynthia: yes!

Sent at 12:08 AM on Saturday

Lynthia: eh can't watch liao..
need to sleep
good nite
pls msg me the results1
come on fed!!!

Sent at 12:09 AM on Saturday

Lynthia: yes!
he';s leading

Sent at 12:09 AM on Saturday

lynnxuan: u photoshopped veep into the pic??

Lynthia: yeah
haha.. nice or not?

lynnxuan: how u do wor
so smart

Lynthia: hha...
look quite ok right..

lynnxuan: tie break 3-0

Lynthia: not that rough

lynnxuan: roger win roger win
go third set!

Lynthia: yeah!!

lynnxuan: u need it u need it!

Lynthia: the pic not very rough right?
i agjust the pic to the same size then i cut veep off lil by lil
using the magic wand

lynnxuan: NO!! smeagol started winning d

Lynthia: ishk!!
stop calling him that

lynnxuan: haahahha
u should watch the lookalike youtube vids

Lynthia: oh!! that's him huh?

lynnxuan: yeah

Lynthia: he aced him at the third point just now..
and ppl boo-ed smeagol! haha..

lynnxuan: who aced who?
why ppl boo smeagol?

Lynthia: fed aced him

lynnxuan: oh.. hahaha
cmon roger ace ace

Lynthia: don know.. mayb coz he wanted to challenge and fed got the ball in

lynnxuan: roger only 6 aces compared to smeagol's 7

Lynthia: mirka!!

lynnxuan: cannot let him win any points

Lynthia: ishk!!!

lynnxuan: hazardous

Lynthia: ok.. he looks like smeagol

lynnxuan: see? told ya
haahha not me say
the video shows one
2 more, roger
2 more!

Lynthia: yesyes!!!

lynnxuan: oh he aced him again
now they both have 7 aces

Lynthia: eh... just now when fed gave him a high ball, smeaogol wanted to smash but he missed it! haha.. so funny
then, he ran backwards and catch the ball again
wow.. the crowds shouting fed's name
how come fed's shoes and socks look so clean?
and usually the players playing clay always get dirty but not fed

Sent at 12:16 AM on Saturday
lynnxuan: NO!!!!!

Lynthia: ishk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lynnxuan: got la some pics his socks can see dirty

Lynthia: abit

lynnxuan: NO!

Lynthia: but compared to others..

lynnxuan: what is happening

Lynthia: how much??!!

lynnxuan: 6-6 la
i mean what is this!!

Lynthia: mirka

lynnxuan: 6-7!
this is dead
dead meaet

Lynthia: ishk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lynnxuan: we must go 3rd set!!


lynnxuan: NO!!!!!!!!!
so CLOSE!!!!!!

Lynthia: ahh!!!!!!!!

lynnxuan: NO!!!!!!!!!
they need a difference of 2

Lynthia: go fed!!!!!

lynnxuan: CMON!
what is this!!

Lynthia: ahh!!!

lynnxuan: cannot!!!
double fault u smeagol

Lynthia: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
stupid smeagol steapanek!!!

Sent at 12:19 AM on Saturday

Lynthia: ishk!!!!!!!!
hate him

lynnxuan: WHY??

Lynthia: nvm nvm.. stupid smeagol will lose in the end.. that's what happened in LOTR

lynnxuan: but i want roger to win
who cares about smeagol

Lynthia: haiks...

P/s: You can actually notice me saying 'yeah' and 'ishk' most of the time! Haha...


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yours is nice to read! erjie's no edit..urs got bold and italic! ahaha...but no emoticons!

LingDi said...

Hehe.. Tnx! Yeah.. We didn't use emoticons coz' was using GoogleTalk. ;)

lynnx01 said...

aiyo.. it is more of me bursting with emotions. like talking to a wall only

LingDi said...

Haha.. Coz' I couldn't focus on so many things at once: Watching tv, chatting with you, looking at the live scores..

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