Sunday, May 25, 2008

Scooby's First Exposure!

THANK YOU so much for all of your votes and support for Scooby! Our beloved, adorable Scooby is voted the's Most Favorite Dog. He won this award by 100 votes! Thank you to family, relatives, friends, friends' friends and etc for voting. We really appreciate your support. ^_^

Spot Scooby!

The prize giving ceremony was held on last Sunday at Taman Bulatan Park. Besides just the prize giving, they even organised the Pure Breed Dog Competition and Exhibition. So, there were a lot of adorable dogs there! Bringing an un-trained dog to public places was quite worrying but, Scooby appeared to be very disciplined and quiet! Instead of running around, barking at dogs, he just sat down quietly with my dad at one side. To my surprise, he even allowed people to touch and pat him!

He looks really like a German Shepherd dog here...

Scooby's fan base! Haha...

There were a lot of people who took pictures of him and asked lots of questions about him! They asked about his age, breed, weight and what he eats because he is so fat! However, there was one question that left me speechless. There was one lady who came, looking excited and asked: Is she having babies? Is she pregnant? *Smack my head!*

The people there love him!

Cute Scooby!

Not forgetting, there were so many cute dogs around too! They are so cute and beautiful. There was one which caught my attention, a St. Bernard. So huge and cute! We really liked it. After the event, my dad even planned to ask where we can get a St. Bernard because he wants one too. -_-|| We also saw a lot of German Shepherds, Bulldogs, Shih Tzus and etc.

Love at first sight...

This dog's really cute and funny!


Saint Bernard!

This dog looks really cunning! But, he's really cute...

After spending about 3 hours there, we finally got the prize and went back home. While we were walking back to our car, Scooby behaved very well and followed my dad back without any chaos! We didn't even have to pull him just to get him back to the car. Impressive, little Scooby! Well, that's roughly what happened on last Sunday. Scooby really impressed us and no doubt that we will consider to enter him into dog competitions next time!

P/s: I thank God for blessing us this really cute dog, Scooby. Not forgetting, our smart HeiQ too!


lynnx01 said...

I feel like hugging Shoobie now lah!!!!!!

Lynnwei said...

yea st bernard is veyr ncie..maybe after scooby is gone, we can get one..but as long as scooby is there, if u get another dog, i think no one would love shoobie anymore! =(

LingDi said...

Cute marr.. Of course ppl see wanna hug. Haha!

James TC Wong said...

Congrats Lynthia! xD

LingDi said...

What do you mean after Scooby is gone? Ishk! Don't think about it ok? What if he hears this? How would he feel? Don't say these things lar!

αмαвεl said...

AHH!he is so cute!become fatter and fatter lw le..haha..XD

Pyroboy1911 said...

ish? when the lady ask u that, u should reply "Mam, the dog's name is SCOOBY"


LingDi said...

Haha.. You didn't see him for a long time dy! You used to play with him last time.. Remember?

Good idea.. Haha! But some ppl might think Scooby is an unisex name for dogs too.. ^_^ Btw, I bet Scooby was quite disappointed when he heard that. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!