Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seafood Allergy!

Have I ever mention that I'm allergic to seafood? Not only that! I'm also allergic to penicillin (a type of antibiotic). And now, my mum assumes that I am allergic to preservatives due to my reactions after eating those keropoks. Pretty pathetic right? I guess some might be wondering, "If this girl is allergic to seafood and all, why is she still fat??!!". Honestly, I don't know too! Haha...

Assorted seafood!

I had my seafood allergy (except for fish) since young. Whenever, I eat seafood like prawns, I will tend to have rashes around the area of my mouth! And my throat will start to feel very uncomfortable. So, it's quite obvious that I have no memories on how the food taste like.

The only 'seafood' I can eat!

As I grow up, my allergy reaction towards seafood changed. Instead of having rashes around my mouth, my eyes tend to be very itchy! So itchy that I couldn't stop blinking and rubbing them. Even eating seafood flavoured keropoks can cause an allergy reaction. I even had my mum to banned me from eating the junk food because of it. There was once when I had one of the worst situations. After having dinner with my family, I started to feel awkward and my face got really itchy that it went red! Then, we realised that the vegetable we had was seasoned with oyster sauce. Bluek! The oyster culprit... My mum even had to rush me to the clinic to get some medications.

Yummy... *Sobs*

Right now, it seems that every time when I eat something that has seafood in it, I will start to sneeze non-stop, followed by having a bad flu. Funny! I'm not sure whether it's the allergy reaction or not but, it shows a strong sign that I should still be careful of what I eat. No doubt that I'm still allergic to seafood although ErJie kept telling me that it's just my physcology problem.

I wonder how will this taste like...

Well, it might seems to be a pretty sad thing for me not being able to eat seafood but, frankly, I don't really mind. The only thing that disappoint me is not having the chance to know how the seafood taste like and always giving my family and friends hard times to order the food they like (usually seafood) because of my allergy. Feel guilty sometimes for that. But, no matter what, I thank God for what and how I am because that's how He created me. ^_'


lynnx01 said...

Sotong is really nice!!!!!!!!!!! Eh, there are ways to desensitise yourself.

LingDi said...


Desensitize? How?
Sotong is nice coz' it's ur fav! Haha..

ღAmandaa said...

awwwww, but you can still eat other food right? Icey-creamy? hahahaha or maybe rojak & ice kacang * yummyyyy*

LingDi said...


Yeah.. Can still eat other food. Haha.. Other wise, cannot eat what to eat le? Haha..

Pyroboy1911 said...

u can try antihistamine medicines, and apply (or eat if is tablet) when u have seafood ;)

trust my advice, i'm a pharmacist in making :P although it's better to consult a *proper* one for more info..hehe...

LingDi said...


Yeah.. My sister told me that too. I tried taking it since young. That's the only med I could take right now to relieve the reaction. But, still very uncomfortable! Haha..
Tnx for the advice!