Sunday, May 25, 2008

Karen Kong Meet The Fans!

Karen Kong, a 22 year old petite singer, hails from Labuan, came to Miri on Friday for 2 meet-the-fans sessions at both Bintang Plaza and Halo Cafe. I actually planned to go to Bintang Plaza but, canceled the plan because it was Greg's birthday. So, I decided to go to Halo Cafe. However, things were much different from what we had planned!

Karen Kong's meet-the-fans session at BP

Yes, I ended up at Bintang Plaza! Joa and I actually went there to get Greg's present but, we got stuck there because Arvin was late. We didn't really go out and watch because it was hot. So, we stayed inside and listened to her singing. We were there till about 8.15pm and rushed to Ming Cafe.

I managed to snap this picture while waiting... (Apologies for bad pic quality! I even had to tip-toe and take this pic!)

I spotted someone looking tired and hungry at the main entrance!

I didn't stay long at Ming Cafe coz' promised Ning Jie that I would meet up with her at 8.30pm to go to Halo Cafe. (Sorry guys! :( Couldn't stay long!) When we're there, we ordered our food and waited patiently. Not long after, Ah Ning and Lynna arrived. And Karen Kong made it to the place within a few minutes after.

Yummylicious Sunshine Fish Chop!

She is really good! Her voice is truly strong, firm and sweet. And her songs are really good too! She sang some of her popular songs and other songs as well. One of her best songs that night was 'tai sha' (too stupid) was terrific! I even noticed a group of people looking amazed with their eyes locked at her. She is one good singer...

Karen Kong!

Autograph session...

Of course, I got her album with her autograph on it. Not forgetting, a picture with her! She's really a nice person. I wish her all the best in singing career and I'm definitely looking forward for her next album. ^_^

Her Mandarin album! (At last!!! I wanted to get it since a long time ago but, we could only get it during her promo events as it is not on sale)

Me, Karen (She's pretty... ^_^) and Ah Ning!


< u3! y!nG > said...

Wah.. so fun..

LingDi said...

Uei Ying,
Haha.. It was really fun. Not bad larr..