Thursday, August 20, 2009

Justice for Gary

I first read about this news from here. I didn’t understand at first because I was lazy to read about it. But, somehow, I felt the urge to read this seriously. So, I clicked on this.

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This news really gave me a big shock. This young, talented man died in one of the most shocking way. Right after completing the 22km Adidas King of the Road marathon, he collapsed and was carried away in a stretcher without basic medical checks. And the next thing that happened, he was found dead at the end of a construction waste tunnel in the stadium. Why in such a mysterious way?

I really felt sad and sympathetic to the family and friends of this young man. At the same time, I feel terrible at the management of the organisers. And after reading the timeline, I strongly feel that they should be responsible over this tragic death.

I don’t think I can do much to help but to just blog about it to make a difference. Just like what it is mentioned on the website, this is to enable the public to be more aware of the story perhaps his death was not in vain.

May justice prevail for Gary Leon Robert.

[All of these info are taken from Please refer to this website for more info.]


:: keanie-weanie :: said...

This incident was posted on forums before it was announced. Friends, who I think I know ran frantic as they tried to look for him. It was absolutely frightening.

It's devastating to see this kind of nonsense happening here. But, then again, where else can you find this? Inept, inept, inept! If this happened in a more civilized area, the people responsible will be sued to the point of bankruptcy.

LingDi said...

Strongly agreed! I think this is not the only case that had happened. There might be similar cases like this before but they were not brought up. And seeing how the event is managed, I'm not sure how many innocent ppl will be facing the same fate.