Thursday, August 13, 2009


There’s so many things to blog about but, I really need to find the time to do so coz’ exams are coming again!

Btw, just to update you all about some things that had happened last week during my MIA mode.

  1. I met up with family last weekend! Yay.. Miss them sooooo much! I went to KLIA to meet them to go to MV to stay for the weekends. My family came for my Da Jie’s graduation btw. So, we spent 2 whole days of shopping and spent so much of $$$. But, it’s worth it coz’ we wouldn’t be able to do this together so often. I have pictures to post but, will have to delay it coz’ I don’t have the pictures! So, please wait…
  2. After 2 great days with family, I had to come back college. And this time, it was different because it was the day of the release of my AS results. I didn’t really feel so nervous but, I just don’t know what to feel. I just know that God is in control. And yes, praise the Lord! I got 4 straight As. I’m so relieved and glad but, I didn’t go out to celebrate. I was too sleepy that I slept after my housemates went out to celebrate. But, it was a really good nap. Lol~
  3. And now, IELTS exam is coming! I still have the numb feeling but, sooner or later, I will definitely panic. Please pray for me.
  4. A2 trials is around the corner! I’m wrestling to finish my syllabus. I’m still half way in Chemistry and have yet to start Biology and Physics. Please, please remember me in your prayers.

After this, you will notice less and less blog posts from me as I will be having my A2 in about a month time. But, I will try to post up something. And I can assure you all a massive update after my exams! Hehe… So, stay tune!


~ Jinky Baby ~ said...

Congrats on your straight A:)

All the best in your A2 ya.

LingDi said...

Jin Kiat,
Hey! Tnx:) You too yeah;)