Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Favourite food!

I have been craving for U-don noodles recently. Seriously! Everytime I tag along with my 'rents to the hypermarket, I always search for instant U-don noodles but, couldn't find one. I am addicted to U-don noodles! It's tasty, with nice soft and bulky noodles and yummy seaweed! So, when I was shopping with my mum, I found something which really enlightened my day...
Samyang U-Dong.. Yum yum...

Yup! U-don noodles at last! It costs about RM2.00+. Expensive because an ordinary instant noodle is usually cheaper. But, I really wanted to eat U-don noodle so, no harm buying a RM2.00+ instant noodle lo~

Talking about Japanese food, I really miss them! It's healthy and yummy! Did I mention yummy? Yes! Yummy!!! Special thanks to my host families for those yummy food! Really enjoyed it!

Lovely yeah? Had it during the Raions' meet

Another nice dish! It's pork and salad. Love the salad!!!

Tempura tempura!!! Lovely! I love the appetizer, main course and the soup! Miso soup is the best.. Haha..

Okonomiyaki!!! Hiroshima's best food! It's very large but, tasty! I couldn't finish for the first time but, on the last day, I managed to eat it all up! It's just really nice...

Food food food.. I better go on a diet before I become even fatter and ugly! Haha~


l y n n w e i said...

here got sell Udon mee...not instant ones...just mee..if u want...i can buy back and will cook for u! want??

msg me o!



LingDi said...

Sure sure.. I would love to.. Tnx