Saturday, May 26, 2007

Semester 1, I declare you OVER!!!

At last, Semester 1 is over! Time is definitely flying. The memory of starting Form 5 in the beginning of the year is still so fresh in my mind. And now, it's already coming to the end of May. 11 months more to go for my final exam in secondary school, SPM. Sounds scary but, honestly, I'm kind of excited to sit for this exam. I just really want to get this done quickly!
So, the 2-weeks exam is really tiring and mentally exhausting. However, I managed to keep myself relaxed and calm during that time because I want to get myself used to the examination environment. SPM is going to be very very very long! 1 long, tiring and stressful month to study and work hard. So, it's better to keep myself relaxed and calm instead of being stressed up and worried. Thank the Lord for helping me all the time!

Randomly picked pictures:

Eating crepe at one of Fukuoka's shopping mall

With other YE's at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

With the white snakes near KintaiKyo

After spa! Felt so fresh and fun! Angela behind there enjoying the massage chair...


l y n n w e i said...

hey! i want to go to Japan also!! so fun!!! huahhahah!!1
next time when i go back and watch jap series, make sure u translate for me! haha

LingDi said...

l y n n w e i,
Haha.. my japanese is not that good larr.. Haha.. But, i do understand some..