Thursday, April 16, 2009

See You There!

I'm super nervous for tomorrow. I'm super worried about tomorrow's job. Why? Because this is my first time doing sales and honestly, I'm not a sales material. =(

But, no matter what, I will do my best. I'll take this as a new experience and learn from it. Please do pray for me tomorrow.

Btw, just want to give some infos here. I'm in the Toshiba team where I'll be selling Toshiba laptops. So, do look out for me tomorrow at the red Toshiba booth. There'll be stocks there so, you can Cash&Carry. Besides, we do have the Easy Payment plan where credit card owners can split the money into 12 fractions and pay each month with 0% of interest. This applies to all the banks (Ambank, EON, OCBC, HSBC, RHB, MBB & PBB) except Standard Chartered which imposes some procession fees. (Note that so far, only we have Easy Payment plan for credit cards by HSBC) Cool eh? Lol~

Toshiba had earned the BCN No.1 ranking every year in unit sales of Notebook PCs for the Japanese Market for the past 3 years. Toshiba offers quite a lot of good laptops in the market now. For students, I will definitely recommend Toshiba Satellite L310-S416 which has a Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic Edition installed, 4GB RAM (after free upgrade of 2GB) and best of all, 320GB of HDD. Even my current laptop doesn't have that! If I don't have a laptop now, I will definitely opt for this. Besides this, we also have Satellite M300, the ultra-portable Portege A600 and Protege M800 which is in my favourite colour, pink! There are also other good laptop models there. To know more, do take a look at these.

Satellite L310-S416

Portege M800

So, what are you all waiting for? See you there at the PC Fair, Miri Indoor Stadium (17th - 19th April)!!!

Btw, will I get my commission for promoting for the company here? Hmph...


lynn-w said...

use your smile to attract more customers!! you have a very sweet smile..



Anonymous said...

Great Blog, I agree with you.Please keep at your good work, I would come back often.