Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hammers launches occupational health and safety

Hello there again! This is Hammer the Spammer coming into Lynthia's blog again to promote some awareness and to sprinkle little lessons in life.

I think this is of much relevance to most of us - young, aspiring people like me and you. Some of us are entering the world of professionals. Whether it is healthcare, engineering or politics. Others of us may be into the business world. There are also some of us who may end up in the management area. I always think that readers of this blog would all become very successful people, so no matter what your future career may be in. 

Anyway, into my topic. I want to bring you into the realm of occupational health and safety. This applies to basically everyone. Whether you work in a factory, a laboratory or a farm, you are due to face hazards. Take for example, a factory. In a factory, there would be various machineries which may be hazards. In a laboratory, there may not be so many machines, but the chemicals you deal with become your occupational hazard. So, what about the farms? One may think that working at the farm is just like being in the nature, so you may not come across such occupational hazard. 

You may just be wrong. How about those pesticides you deal with? There are plenty of cases where farm workers accidentally ingest harmful pesticides. So, you get the idea? Every single occupation has its own occupational hazards. Accidents happen everywhere. No one can predict how and when accidents occur. But as an occupational specialist's point of view, you can learn to plan well before all these devastating events come by.

A wise employer should think about various potential Accident Compensation Claims which may come by one of these days. Even if you are not an employer, an employee should also have some knowledge in this field so that they know their rights as an employee. Accidents at your workplace may happen for a reason - they may be a wakeup call to do some changes to your workplace to improve its safety, but there is no excuse that the victim involved in the workplace accident is compromised. While it is a loss for both employer and employee, having a good insurance plan is always the thing to start with.

So, the next time you are in your job, you must bear this in mind. Never get underpaid for overworking. Especially not in the circumstances where you are affected medically or healthwise.

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