Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back to School

I went out to meet my two besties, Chelle and Joa last Wednesday. I haven't seen them for quite a long time and really missed hanging out with them. We met at Suncity for breakfast. I ordered something I seldom order which was laksa! Yummy~


As usual, we chit-chatted until around 9.30am and walked to our most beloved secondary school, St. Co! I kind of miss St. Co after graduation. Maybe because the life in secondary school is simpler and less stressful. But, I definitely miss the friends and teachers there.

Block E of St. Co

We were there during the school's recess time. Our very own 'koperasi' changed a lot! Nasi Kismis and Meee Jawa are no longer in polysterene containers and there are other kind of food which we did not have last time. Too bad I already had my breakfast otherwise, I would buy one to eat!

Nasi Kismis.. The 'koperasi' food that I would always buy last time..

Besides the food, we met quite a lot of ppl there. We got to meet some of our teachers; Miss Vic, Mdm Tan ML, Mdm Loh MH, Mdm Tan LC, Mr Tan, Mdm Magdelene and Mdm Susie. We're so fortunate that the new principal wasn't in because otherwise, we wouldn't be free to walk around the office. Lol~

Our ex-EST teacher, Mdm Magdelene!

We met Joyce too. She is looking good as usual as the Head Prefect of the school. This cute girl is really interesting! The first thing she did when she saw us was to complain about 'She'. Haha! You know who if you know. Lol! We didn't do much talking but took some pictures. After a while, Ho came. We went to McD for lunch after chit-chatting with the teachers.

Chelle and Joyce..

Me and Joyce!

Best Friends Forever!

Before McD, we went to Toys R Us to walk around. Love the toys there! At 12pm sharp, we went to McD. McD moment was fun. Loads of talking and gossips! Really miss my old friends ler.. ;) I really hope we can all meet and spend time together coz' it's really hard to gather everybody when some is in UK, Aussie and soon India. Lol!

Cinta tiga segi...

Ring, Necklace & Bracelet!

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