Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Me love Woody!

Ever since moving to our new house (not very new but, it's our current house), my sensitivity towards home furniture has increased. Not forgetting those days where my family and I spent quite a lot of our time hunting for new furniture.

I guess it was from there that I realised my interest in woody furniture. Woody furniture in my context means the real wood. Not the ones we usually see which I always call 'sa ka pang'. Haha! Those look quite fake when compared to the real wood.

Btw, check this rustic furniture out! They have really nice woody furniture. The pictures make me feel like buying all of them! Haha! Btw, this is my favourite piece:

Walnut 3 Drawer Corner Desk

Oh man.. Looking at this table reminds me that I will have to start revising for my AS which is in a month time! Aiks! Pre-AS was OK for me though I screwed up in some papers. But, I will learn from my mistakes and shall not repeat them! Please remember me in your prayers. Tnx!

I guess that's all for now. Btw, remember to look for me this Friday at Miri Indoor Stadium! ;)

God bless~

1 comment:

lynn-w said...

cool...if i go back miri work, i want the other room to turn in something really cosy, or more like a study room.
i plan to sleep in meepit room.
do u think we will end up fighting? ahaha....