Friday, October 03, 2008

Lazing Around...

Home sweet home! I really love staying at home, lazing around, watching TV and playing DS. I will definitely miss home again when I fly to KL. :(

Btw, Happy Raya 2008! Went visiting with family and friends on the first day of Raya. One of the things I love about Raya is the food! Too bad I didn't take any pictures of them or else, you guys will be drooling over the pictures! I went to Ieqa's house first then to Iqbal's. Had lots of fun coz' got to meet friends and juniors. And this is making me miss secondary school life!

Besides Raya visitings, I went out with friends for a few times. On Sunday, we went to Double Star and Coffee Bean. On Tuesday, we went to hang out at Bintang Plaza and watched a very ridiculous movie, La Lingerie. Then, yesterday, Thursday, I met up with Michele, my YE friend from Labuan at Taiwan. It's been 2 years since we met! Really glad to meet her again and yes, we couldn't stop talking about Japan. This is making me miss Japan so much...

So, these were roughly what I did for the past few days. Lynna is very sick now. She's having a very bad fever + headache + soarthroat + flu. Yes, really bad. Really pray that she'll get well soon.

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Sherp said...

hope lynna gets well soon!!
ivy is also ill today :S