Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Haha! I just couldn't get out from the library without dropping by here. It seems as if I'm addicted to blogging in the college's library.

I'm alone again today. 3 of them went to the 'Sekolah Angkat' programme again to teach the Form 3 students. Thank God I didn't go because I am seriously bad at doing this. Biology was canceled today so, I only have 2 classes today! My 1st class started at 10am and the second one is starting soon at 2pm later. I guess I will be spending some time here in the library here again.

Btw, I'm trying to go jogging everyday now to keep myself fit. I went jogging alone yesterday but, thank God Aileen came to accompany me. She jogs everyday except Sunday! So, let's just hope the weather will be fine as it's raining now.

Ok... Better get studying now! Take care and God bless!

Ok.. I'm back to the library again. It's 10.05pm. ;) KTT's library is really nice. Trust me.. :)


Lynnwei said...

hehehe.....not bad..at least ur library has connection and is very near to your hostel...is it just the ground floor? haha..


jia you o!

Lynnwei said...

btw, can you watch series online in the library? hoho...if can, then it's sure cool!