Monday, October 06, 2008

Physics... Physics...

Physics oh Physics, kenapa engkau begitu susah?
Hey! I'm blogging at KTT's library again. All my housemates are out for the 'Sekolah Angkat' programme so, I'm alone and I didn't want to make extra trips back to apartment so, I just spent my whole afternoon in the library. Now, waiting for my next class at 4pm. Physics is really difficult! I can hardly get to solve a single question. :( But, I'm trying hard to do my best! Please pray for me. All things are possible!

Btw, I just flew here from Miri. Arrived here at around 8.30am and then, rushed to college by airport limo. Thank God the driver knew how to get here otherwise...

Ok... I better get back to Physics! Take care guys!

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