Friday, October 17, 2008

No Water in KTT!!!

This is really bad. This is a real sad case. There is no water supply for the whole Sepang area!

Read this.

Thank God I have ErJie here in KL. On Thursday afternoon, right after the college made the announcement about the water shortage, Yasmin and I made a real spontaneous decision to go back on that day itself. Of course, we had to postponed our Friday class. So, quite a lot of us went back yesterday. It's really a sad case for us. Thankfully, our apartment was kind of the last one to have water flowing from the tap. We even had neighbours coming to fill their pails. At 5, our cab came and we made our way to the KTM station.

This morning, Joanna texted me about the news. I was truly disappointed about it. How could this happened to us?! I just really pray that the water will come back by Sunday. Really pray that the pipes will be fixed by Sunday.

Btw, I'm feeling better now. Still got a bit of cough but, it's getting better. This week hadn't been a good week for me though but, I believe that everything will be alright. Have faith in Him!


Sherp said...

omgsh! >____< no water is 'mafan' la. i hope the water is back soon so that u guys will be okay

Lynnwei said...

wah....yea, we can live without electricity, it's going to be hard but it's possible..

NO water? it's impossible! wash hand, bath, tapien, go toilet, drink...nothing!!! it's horrible but dajie undersatnd coz here every year got 2 times, about a few days totally no water!! =p