Sunday, October 19, 2008

New SLR and Super Fav Spotliter

ErJie and I went to Bukit Bintang yesterday to hunt for an SLR. After hours of surveying and walking from Lowyat to Bukit Bintang and back to Lowyat and finally to Bukit Bintang again, we finally decided to get a Sony A200W. We're still a beginner when it comes to SLR. But, we'll try our best to explore it as much we can and make full use of the functions. Btw, I still need advices from Keane about it. ;) Oh no! I'm making it sound like it's mine. Haha! No... It's not mine but rather of the family's stuff. But, at least I can use it sometimes.

Checking out the SLR at the shop :)

After having the battery fully charged, I tried snapping some pictures. It's super fun! So, I decided to snap some pictures of my super favourite highlighters: Pilot Spotliter. This is the first type of highlighters that I really like. ErJie recommended it to me of course. I love the colours especially Mango.

The colourful spotliters!

One of my fav colours : Mango

It costs RM2.70 each. Not too expensive and it made my books so colourful! ;) Love using them loads!

Making my 'colourless' Chem book colourful!

P/s: There is still no water in KTT. :( God, please help us...


Lynnwei said...

hehe..make sure u take lots of scooby pictures when you go back home! ahaha...


hope ur water comes back soon

Sherp said...

aaaaaah i want ur cam cam! hehe have fun playing with it..
and the spotliters! so cute.
oh oh, i recognise the things in the chem book, sth abt bohr effect? or catalyst stuff!

jazz said...

wah.. I like the highlighters ler.. cool.. i want to colour my notes more too.

oh yea.. the camera nice rite? :P

LingDi said...

Haha.. Sure! Guess he would like it a lot too..
Btw, water is back!!! Thank God!

Hehe! It's nice isn't it! Haha.. It's the Botlzman distriibution graph abt the catalyst and temperature. ;)

Haha! I used to not using highlighters last time but now, I'm getting to like it. Yeah.. The camera is really nice and fun to use. But, still need some practice.

:: keanie-weanie :: said...


Ask me whenever you want and whatever you want lah yeah. Next time we go out, you bring it. Then we go shooting together. HAHA