Saturday, October 11, 2008

Home Alone!

Hey guys! Yes, I'm still sick. Still having flu and now, I have mild cough. Don't worry, I'm taking as much rest as I can. Since, I'm sick, I didn't go to ErJie's place yesterday. So, I had to stay back in college. It's not that bad coz' I have lots of friends here to accompany me. I just went to Giant to buy groceries. Bought quite a lot of vegetables and some other food for me to cook. I got to eat some healthy homemade food.

Btw, I'm here in the library now. I was actually studying in the lecture hall but, just wanted to take a walk so, went here and blog. Hehe:)

Alright! I got to go back to the lecture hall now. Take care!


< u3! y!nG > said...

u also din throw properly.. also sick..

lynnx01 said...

No one to scold this weekend.. aiyah!

Lynnwei said...

take care....


Sherp said...

yeah everyone is ill these days. still on the recovery road myself. and i have a giant ulcer too :(
get well soon, and take care!

LingDi said...

U always like to scold scold scold!


u feeling alright dy? take care k? btw, must enjoy ur long long hols!