Friday, October 31, 2008

What do you want for your eyes?

I have been complaining to my second elder sister (I have two older sisters, by the way) about my poor night vision. Yes, astigmatisme has been bugging me forever! Although I usually do not wear spectacles, I find that lately, I need them especially during the night. It is annoying and at times, I fear that I would have to build the dependence of having to wear glasses.

Apart from the dependence of wearing glasses, I must also emphasize - spectacles are really not cheap. With the escalating living cost and the economy turmoil, almost every item I see in the market is more expensive than before. Frustrating?

Well, just recently, I found out that has simply revolutionarised the eyeglasses market. It is simply quite unbelievable how affordable spectacles can be, after seeing the range and selection on the website. Even Chicago Tribune has talked about consumers who are actually overpaying for their glasses; I really think it speaks of something. I do believe that we must be smart consumers to hunt for good deals for our hard-earned cash. may just be the right choice for you and I. Stylish Prescription Glasses Online from $8, with a huge variety of frames to spoil you away. Perhaps I can get more for the same amount of money I am currently paying for my spects. One pair for each day of the week, how does that sound? Am I brilliant or what?

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