Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blogging at KTT Library!

Hey guys! I'm currently blogging at my college's library. Well, it is a special thing for me to do as I seldom step my foot into the library to study or to go online. The only reason for me to go to library was to buy van tickets but, now I'm trying to make full use of the facillities here. I'm actually supposed to do revisions but, here I am, blogging! ;)

Studies here are quite OK. I'm just really praying for more experienced lecturers here

Btw, we're having a special dedication service for CF tonight. There'll be a lot of interesting programmes: games, sketch and sharing. I really everything will go well tonight. May God bless our special CF service tonight.

Alright! I better get studying now!

P/s: I'm coming home for Raya holidays!

1 comment:

Sherp said...

Yay, enjoy ur holiday back home! Btw, share with me what group games u guys play okii, i would like to gather some ideas as there are kids here to entertain :)
miss u loads!