Saturday, October 03, 2009

ATP World Tour – Proton Malaysian Open

This is something that I’m really happy and excited about: Malaysian Open! Again, a BIG THANK YOU to HCFoo for the free tickets.

Since I got 2 free tickets for the quarterfinals, I asked Chai Lian to come along with me. I actually asked Christine but, she couldn’t make it. =( So, both Chai Lian and I left college around 3pm to the KTM station. Then, we changed to LRT at Bdr Tasik Selatan to Bukit Jalil station. It’s actually the same old way I used to Er Jie’s place last time. I miss going to her Vista Komanwel!

Me with the singles’ main draw board!

We reached the stadium around 4pm++ and was in time to meet up with HCFoo to collect the tickets. At that time, the match between Davydenko and Monfils had just ended and there was an autograph session going on. So, we quickly went to the Wilson booth to purchase some souvenirs and queue up. But, we didn’t make it. =(

Chai Lian and me before the match =)

But, we managed to find the VIP and Players’ lounge and we decided to just wait there for any players to come out. It was so silly but, since we had nothing to do, we just waited there and chit-chatted with the security person. After waiting for sometime, we decided to just leave for the match between Gonzalez and Youzhny.

Me with Gonzalez behind!

The match was nice but, I think it' was a little bit boring. Gonzalez played well but, there weren’t many rallies between both of them and also not many strong shots. But, maybe because we knew Gonzalez would win, that’s why.

One of his cool acts…

I almost half the match to come out to wait for autographs. Thanks to the wrong information given by the security person, there was no autograph sessions at all. I was kind of disappointed but, I soon realised my main purpose there was to watch good tennis. So, it’s didn’t really matter after all.

2 happy girls watching tennis!

At 8pm, we went to watch Verdasco’s match against Gasquet! I like both of them but, I was rooting for Verdasco. The match was very exciting and fun! Verdasco was behind 0-3 for the first set and we were all so nervous. Then, he broke Gasquet’s serve and slowly won the first set. The last game of the set was very interesting coz’ he kept getting advantage and deuce repetitiously.

Verdasco & Gasquet!

  My favourite pic of the day! With Verdasco behind…

Verdasco serving…

We had to leave early because I promised Mummy that I will go back early. So, we left when they were in the middle of the second set. Before walking out to the taxi, we quickly snapped some photos with the posters. I want the posters!!!

Me want Verdasco’s gigantic poster! Me want…

No doubt this is one of the highlights of this year. It’s kind of addictive coz’ once you had watched it live, you would want to watch again just like me. After Showdown of Champions KL last year, I loved it so much that I wanted to watch tennis live again. So, what’s next? I heard there’s going to be a WTA next year. Here I come!


Lynna said...

OK!!!!!! next yr we watch the WTA tourney together!!!!! must must must!!!!!!!!

Debbie Gana said...

ohmygoodness i was there on that day as well haha

LingDi said...

Yeah! Must watch.. Can also volunteer too..

Serious?! Where were u sitting? Haha.. Such a coincidence!