Friday, October 02, 2009


Please don’t mind my spelling. I’m just imitating DaJie’s spelling for the word ‘weird’. Haha!

Speaking of weird, my housemates think that I’m weird. Sometimes, especially when I’m hyperactive. But, if I’m weird, then they should really see my sisters!

Seriously, we can be very, very weird all the time. One moment scolding each other and suddenly, we ended up laughing like crazy. Of course this doesn’t happen all the time. We’re weird in various ways. And because we are weird, that’s how we are very close to each other.

This is making me miss home… I miss DaJie’s wierd theories, I miss ErJie who is now in London and I miss Lynna’s weird temper. And most importantly, I miss Daddy and Mummy!


And not forgetting, these two…



sue ting a.k.a susu said...

your whole family look soooooooooo alike=)

LingDi said...

Sue Ting,
Haha.. Tnx! Our voices also alike. Me and my sisters larr.. There was once when my sister freaked out coz' she thought I was talking to myself but turned out that it was me and my another sister talking. Haha..

LX said...

Aiyo so us weird pulak