Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last Semester Here…

Time passed so fast that I didn’t realise that it’s my final semester here in college! And in just 2 weeks time, I will be sitting for my A2 examination. There’s so much to study and revise but, so little time!

My Physics syllabus is not done yet and the extra classes are making me so distracted that I can’t concentrate on my revision. Please, please pray for me. I really want to do well in this examination.

I got to stop going online this frequently and start to focus on my revisions. I’m sorry but, I’ll have to go missing soon! I’ll be MIA for about 1 month until November.

If possible, I’ll try get Hammer the Spammer to update this blog for me. Or maybe Wacker the Hacker? Lol!

Please, do remember me in your prayers. I really don’t want to regret this nor the UPSR event to happen again. Please pray for me for guidance, understanding, discipline and concentration as I sit for examination.

“I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

P/s: Seems like the girls here in college are all on diet. Why? Graduation is in just a month time and everyone wants to look good and fit into pretty dresses! That includes me. That’s why I’d been doing aerobics and a lil’ toning exercises with Jun Mei. Maybe will start joging (after so many months!) next week. =)


William said...

Ya, time really flies! Study hard and do well. We will pray for you!

junMei said...

Working out with you is great fun!
Haha. Have been doing it alone all this while, glad to have company now!

Next week k. lol.

and yea. Let's work our butt off for A2!