Thursday, December 20, 2007


I have never been this excited about a series or drama for a long time! Now, there is a new Astro AEC series coming up call : 十分笑容 <<Sourire Pour Moi>>.

Guess what? LYZ is in it! Together with JoJo (E News Astro) and Crystal (ATQ 07') too. I am sooooo excited! I knew about this about a month ago from a chinese newspaper. Then, I saw the commercial last night. I can't wait to watch it! Yeah yeah.. This will be one of my favourite series!

I went on and search for it. Then, I found the info about it. Too bad all of them are in chinese! My sister didn't even want to translate them for me so, I went to seek for my translator and got this:
This is story - they which explores the friendship about group of more than 20 year-old 年青人 person's interpersonal relationship which suffer with the week, their struggling, their happiness, their pain; As well as arrives finally, how do they excavate oneself become a better person. The scene from this group of 年青人 the country club start which resembles as if in that heaven, their life on henceforth pesters in the same place. JOJO and her boyfriend DEREK to the country club vacation, are arrogant, spoils and mood JOJO always comes all to want all people and the matter obeys her wish. As for DEREK is a rich dandy, he is not oneself to JOJO, often does everything possible flatters her. RYNN also just in time arrives the country club to seek the inspiration to save and reto retrieve his enterprise the spark. In the country club, JOJO met front boyfriend RYNN, they meet by chance are not certainly happy moreover both sides both to feel not comfortablely. After all, they initially certainly unfriendly bidding good-bye. RYNN had known in here CRYSTAL, she is his happy fruit, her inborn open and bright disposition slowly opens his atrium. For all that, she also has own story, CRYSTAL contracts the bone cancer but gradually to change for the better since childhood. Besides hers doctor as well as she, nobody knows this matter. The CRYSTAL open and bright individuality starts to change Jojo, the Jojo academic society controls her temperament and changes nicer other people. Jojo also starts to see Rynn the change, simultaneously, has the favorable impression once more to him. The prosperity is not long in, while Crystal starts to discover oneself extremely cares about Rynn, doctor actually at this time tells her, her cancer recurs once again. In former days joyful she, changed loses, starts to lose the will which sought livehood. What situation does the story receive can develop? Actually can this group of young people how face soon the sentiment and the matter which occurs in this country club? The so-called smiling face, may be expresses by the different way or may symbolize the dissimilar meaning. Each smiling face has its meaning and the story. Concerning them, this smiling face shared their laughter, sorrowful, has been joyful and the hope. But most importantly, it has created between them section of precious loves.

Not very proper English but, it's better than getting my sister's unwilling help. Haha.. I guess I will use my translator more often now.
Oh.. Can't wait, can't wait!


*永亮* said...

Thank you for supporting this show. We are aware of non-chinese writing community. Perhaps you are able to communicate chinese verbally?

Please keep up with our latest events.We apologize of not accommodating your reading convenient.


LingDi said...

Thank you very much for commenting. Yes, I can communicate in mandarin. In fact, I speak mandarin since I was born. However, I don't really speak good mandarin as I did not attend a chinese school.
I will keep up with the events. Can you give me the links for the sites where I can check out for the events?

P/s: I can read some chinese words. Am trying to learn more. :)

l y n n w e i said...

kekeke....nvm la if meepit don read for u...u can find it online...aha...
same goes for me too!! series...but i dont like lyz...ahah!

LingDi said...

Owh.. How come you don't like LYZ? He is equally talented as David Tao.. Hmph.. Haha.. Sometimes chinese news or info are more accurate and specific..

Lynna said...

its not that i don't wanna help u! because u asked me to translate at the wrong time.. i don't read traditional chinese too..

Joan said...

hey, u mentuioned my nickname!! kayz kay kay.. i know i'm like so syok sendiri now but I CAN'T HELP IT!!! i'm so crazy now. sorry. hehehehhehehe.... okay.. sorry again n again n again.

GBU!! muaxx! ♥

LingDi said...

Nick name? Which one? Haha.. So yok one you..

*永亮* said...

The Live Cast section is live now.

Now you can choose to watch the drama via Web (if you have astro account) or via Mobile!

Have a great time.