Tuesday, December 04, 2007

UK Craze - Part 1

I went to London, UK on 30th Nov. I know.. It's kind of a sudden because I had never mentioned this in my blog. But, my family and I had planned this trip a long time ago. So, most of my friends knew about this. Well, I am sort of the first one to fly away from Miri after SPM because most of my friends didn't plan to go off that early. So, they might think I am terribly excited for the end of SPM. Haha.. So, here are some of what happened so far:

Day 1 - 30 Nov
Went to Brunei to fly to London. A very big THANK YOU to big uncle for sending us there. Really appreciate that. Then, we went to the airport at evening time. Checked in and went to the waiting lounge. We went on board at around 8.15pm. Departed at 8.40pm. We had to fly for about 16 hours to reach London! What??!! I must really admit that it was really boring and tiring. Haha.. Plus, I can't sleep on airplane at night. It's very uncomfortable.

On the way to Brunei

Day 2 - 1 Dec
Reached Dubai at around 5 smth (M'sian time, can't really remember what time is was) and got transit to London. Although it was early morning there, the airport was still packed with people. Then, boarded the plane again and continued our journey to London. After 7 hours and 51 minutes of flying, we finally landed at Heathrow. Had to walk all the way to the passport check-in counter. Really tired of walking. After we got the luggages, we went out and met Sherp, Yiyi and Teoteo. We used the tube to get to Ealing. In the afternoon, we went to Ealing Broadway to walk around and see the place. Well, for a Malaysian like me, I couldn't resist the temptation to multiply all the prices here by 7. I know I shouldn't because all the price should be standard but, it was really very difficult for me to buy something without multiplying the price by 7! Haha...

Watching movies on the plane

Day 3 - 2nd Dec
We went to a lot of places. We went to South Kensington to visit the Science National Museum. We went to London Imperial College first because Mummy wants to take a look at it. Science Museum is really cool and I love the "Who am I" section where we can play a lot of games relating to human biology. There were a lot of models and exhibitions which were not boring but FUN! Then, we went to the Natural History Museum. I was wowed by all the exhibitions. I really love the minerals and ores, the geology facts, and also the dinosaurs!! We actually only visited the 'orange zone' where there were only the geology stuffs. Then, Jas wanted to show us the dinosaurs she saw before. So, we went to look for them. After searching for the way there, we finally found them. Oh my goodness.. The dinosaur in the hall was gargantuan, huge and really really.. WOW!!! I felt like I was in the movie "Night in the Museum". Haha.. We also went to see the mammals. After the museums, we went to the Harrods, one of the most expensive shops in UK, perhaps in the world(?) and hopped to the Marble Arch for some photo session then, went to Bond Street to see the place. Again.. Using pounds are really heavy!

A picture before going out

Us 4 at London Imperial College :) (I might come and study here in the future.. Hehe.. Who knows?)

Daddy, Mummy, Lynna and I with the spaceship model

Us again at the really nice escalator at Natural History Myseum

I'm at the Harrods.. La la la..

With the cute bear while walking along the Bond Street

I'm at the Bond Street - one of the places in Monopoly

Recognise this cute, three-wheeled car? It is just like the blue car in the Mr. Bean show!

Day 4 - 3rd Dec
We went to Buckingham Palace, Westminister to see the 'Changing of Guards' ceremony. Before that, we snapped some pictures near the London Eye and Big Ben. It was really different. Didn't really see it because the place was crowded by a lot of people. I could only see the soldiers marching in. I must really admit that Mummy's school (CH) band is better than the soldiers because they don't need to use the music scores to play the song. Plus, the school band can even do a lot of nice formations. Haha.. Silly thought btw. Then, we walked to St. Paul Cathedral but ended up walking to the wrong place! Haha.. It was really funny because we walked very long to reach a green dome but only realized that it wasn't the cathedral when we almost reached the place. So, we walked along the place to see the shops and bought some souvenirs. We went back to Ealing again to shop. Yiyi took us to the shops. One really unhappy thing happened to me. There was this old lady ang mo who almost bumped into me. And what did she say... She called me an idiot! What??!! Well, she must really thank me for not going back to the shop to get her. But, I really prayed for her that God will bless her. Amen. I wanted to get a pair of boots because the boots in one of the shops were really cheap - 5 pounds for a pair! But, we realised that not all was 5 pounds. I found a really nice one but we decided not to get it. So, we walked around then went back home again.

Mummy and I at a church near Big Ben

Us 4 with Big Ben and a small part of London Eye behind

Us 4 again at Hansley :)

Well, that's what practically happened so far in London. Really tired of walking because I had never walked so much for a long time! But, really enjoyed the whole experience. I even learned how to use the tube. There are a lot of lines to be used like the Picaddily line, District line, Central line, Jubilee line and many more. So, next time, when I come to London, I will know how to use the tube. Hehe.. Wonder when will it be.. Hmm..


kenarok said...

hehe, congratulation!

Sherp said...

weird angmo lady. so rude :(

lynnx01 said...

At other ppl's land, it's like that la..

Amabel said...

haha..so good u guys..btw..didn't saw any ivy pics leh..she study issit..haha...lynna look so tall in the pics!haha..

ღAmandaa said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! jealous liaoo

Mandy said...

i wanna go, lynthia~!!!!!1 *envious*
good yo brought along ur laptop~ keep us update with ur ongoings and news and pics ya~!!!

take care, gurl~! have fun^^ eat more.

< u3! y!nG > said...

Very fun right? :P

LingDi said...

Why congratulation? :)

Sherp & Lynnx01,
Yeah lorr.. Weird ang mo lady!!!

Ivy was sick.. So, need to rest at home.

Jealous? No larr.. You are having fun too! Haha..

You'll get the chance to go with your family. I didn't bring laptop. I'm staying with my relatives so, used their laptops everyday. Will update my blog more frequently.

Uei Ying,
Yeah.. very fun.. You too barr. Haha..