Monday, December 10, 2007

UK Craze - Part 3

Day 7 - 6 Dec
Went to the lots of places today. Firstly, we used the tube to go to Tottenham Court Road. Then walked to China Town to see the place. It was raining again! So, didn't really stay there long. After that, we went to Trafalgar Square to snap some pictures. The place was really nice! Love the water fountain and the statues. We also walked to the National Gallery Museum to stay away from the rain but didn't visit the museum. We are not artistic enough to enjoy the galleries. Haha.. We went to Leicester Square where most of the theaters and cinemas are located at. We also walked to London Trocerado to see the shops. Bought some things today again. ^_^ We even visited one of the cinemas there, The Empire Cinema, where most of the movie premiers are held at. We actually found out that the Bee Wild movie was premiering that very night! No wonder there were some people sitting down at there to wait for the premiere. Then, went to KFC for a bite before proceeding to the Comedy Theater to watch 'Boeing Boeing'. It was actually my very first time watching a movie at a real theater. In fact, it was a real stage show! It was quite similar to the drama competitions we have back in Miri. But, these people were much better because their actings were very accurate and real. It was a comedy movie so, we did enjoy it. It was funny too! After that, Uei Ying and I actually wanted to go back to Empire Cinema to watch the premier because we wanted to see the celebrities like Renee Zellweger. But, decided not to because there might be a lot of people. Mmm.. Maybe next time. We are planning to watch Enchanted and hopefully there will be celebrities coming on the premier day. :)

Me at the Gallery Museum

At Trafalgar Square :)

Us three at Empire Cinema! We missed the premier for Bee Movie! Owh..

See, see.. It's true! UK Premier Bee Movie!

Day 8 - 7 Dec
Went to Brent Cross Shopping Mall by bus. The mall was big but I think Mid Valley is bigger. There were sales in some shops. Mostly shoes shops. We went to Clarks, Barretts and more. Daddy bought a very nice pair of shoes. We also bought one for ErJie. Had lunch at Burger King. Wow.. Burger King's burgers are quite costly. Then, walked for a while before using the bus back to Ealing. We walked again around Ealing Broadway before proceeding home.

At Brent Cross Shopping Mall

Day 9 - 8 Dec
Went to Leeds Castle at Kent, England today. All of us went there by train and bus. We used the tube to Victoria Station first before using the Euro Line to Kent. It took us about 1 hour and half to reach the place. It was raining again! The weather was very cold, the coldest I had experienced since I had reached London. Since it was raining, we didn't visit most of the places there. We only walked around the main castle then, went to one of the places there for lunch. Our bus was scheduled to come at 2.55pm so, we spent our time 'loitering' around the shop and the main entrance. We wanted to visit the Maze but couldn't due to the rain. :( We reached home quite late at about 5 smth. It was dark already when we reached home.

In the bus to Kent

Posing with a tree at Leeds Castle

Jumping up high!

Inside the castle, at the wine barrows

Having lunch outside the cold rain! Wo zai lin yu zhong...

Day 10 - 9 Dec
We went to London Eye today. It was SPECTACULAR! Love the view and the wheel. It was raining again but, the rain stopped after a while. So, we decided to go on the flight. It cost us 15 pounds each to go on the flight. So expensive! But, what to do right? We came all the way to London so, we at least have try out the rides and other attractions. Otherwise, what is the meaning to be in London? We took lots and lots of pictures while in the capsule. Honestly, it wasn't very scary but really really nice! Then, we used the tube to Baker Street to go to Madame Tussauds aka The Wax Museum. I was really excited to go to the Wax Museum because I had heard a lot about it. The queue to the to the ticket counters was really long. I guessed we spent about 30 minutes waiting. Madame Tussauds was INCREDIBLE! Love the place. The wax celebrities are quite real but some are not. The place was quite crowded so, we actually had to wait for our turns. I missed Orlando Bloom! I can't recognised him. But, did took pictures with Keira K., Britney S., Christina A., Brangelina, Davictoria, J Lo, Kate Moss, Julia R., Jamie Oliver, Tom Cruise, Nicole K., Will Smith and more! We even went to the Life Chamber. It was really thrilling and scary. But, didn't really see those ghosts because I covered my eyes with my jacket. But, it was really fun screaming. Spent quite a long time there before going back home.

In the capsule with the House of Parliment behind :)

With my family in the capsule

The girls at London Eye

With Leonardo Dicaprio :)

Tom Cruise and I!

Yes, we even met Jack Sparrow!

Me, giving a short, sweet talk with Blaire and Bush beside me.. ^_^

With the Queen... Why is Lynna so close with the red guy with a fury hat?

Me and... Forgot her name! Haha...

Us with Brad Pitt and Jamie Oliver! Don't really know who is the other guy.. Hehe..

P/s: Going to Paris tomorrow!


g0hy|3 said...

That will be Marilyn Monroe. envious le me. Post some more, yea?

ღAmandaa said...

Enchanted ROCKS! and i guess you will enjoy more if you watch stage show!! Awww.. even they are just wax, you guys met so many CELEBS! jealous liao, BRAD PITT! :P hehehhhe
btw sherp likes the keychain or not?

lynnx01 said...

OH man!!! So memalukan I blogged about my Eye on Malaysia. Your London Eye is the original Eye.. ahahhahaha..

Btw, Meepit so funny.. she went to hold the guard's hands.. no interested in the royals. :P

LingDi said...

Yeah! Now I remember! Hehe..

Love Enchanted! Have you watched it? Can't watch it here coz' no time. But, tonight is the premier for it.

Haha... Eye of Malaysia also not bad but, too bad no chance to go for it.. Hmm...

< u3! y!nG > said...

Before watching Boeing Boeing, we went to KFC not McD, dear.

LingDi said...

Uei Ying,
Oh yeah.. I forgot! Haha... I guess I miss McD a lot! Haha..

Sherp said...

i love the keychain! :D