Wednesday, December 05, 2007

UK Craze - Part 2

Day5 - 4 Dec
We went to see the Millennium Bridge and Tate Modern Collection. We walked to Tate via the bridge. Well, didn't really spend a long time there because we are not very artistic. All of the exhibitions and models were very different and of course difficult to understand. Hmm.. Then, went to St. Paul Cathedral to snap some photos before using the bus to Tower of London. While taking some photos there, there was a chinese man who asked for help from Daddy to help to take his picture. Well, as you know, Daddy automatically changed his Malaysian chinese accent to a China accent. My goodness.. Naughty Daddy! Haha.. Then, only Uei Ying, Lynna and I went into the Tower of London which is located near the London Bridge. The tickets to get in were not cheap. It cost us 25.50 pounds where we used one of the coupons 2 for 1. So, we actually saved 8 pounds. Tower of London is really amazing and spectacular. This is my first time seeing castles, not in front of TV but my eyes! Haha.. We visited several towers like the Jewel House, Torture at the Tower, Bloody Tower and a lot more. Love the facts and the mysteries. We even bought some souvenirs nearby. My goodness, spent some pounds again. Forgive me but I really need to stress that using pounds are really HEAVY! Haha...

Me at the Millenium Bridge with the St. Paul Cathedral behind

At the Tower of London - It was SPECTACULAR! Love the castles...

Jumping with excitement near the London Bridge - Love this picture ^_^

Me, myself near London Bridge

Day 6 - 5 Dec
Went to Bath today. The train was about half an hour delay but we finally made it to Bath. Michelle's sister, Nicole is studying in Bath so, I contacted her and we planned to meet up. She was so surprised that I told her I was going to Bath. She thought I was just bluffing. Haha.. We met up at the train station. Visited the Roman Abbey but didn't go in. Then, took some pictures at the Roman Bath. I felt like going in but we had to pay to go in so, haik.. Then, we walked to the Pulteney Bridge. Suddenly, it rained. So, we went to the shopping market. Mummy bought some wools. After that, we walked to the Royal Crescent, a row of houses arranged in a shape of a crescent. Interesting.. Nicole said that Johnny Depp has a house there. ^_^ A really big, big Thank You to Nicole for bringing us around the place and I really appreciate it.

Pointing to the Pulteney Bridge, I'm still eating the muffin

At the Circus

With Nicole, our tour guide ^_^

With Uei Ying in the train on the way to Bath

With Santa! Ho ho ho..


< u3! y!nG > said...

Muahaha, first.
And yea, we did have fun there and nice to meet Nicole too.

ღAmandaa said...

i like the jumping picture too! very cool! hahaha and jasmine's scarf is so nice, colourful one. i like your cap/hat? !

Sherp said...

teeheeee the scarf is mine! ^_^

grr. whyd i hv to be in skool nd cant join in the fun! :P

lynnx01 said...

Wah! You met Nicole in Bath? Coolies.

LingDi said...

Yeah. Met her there. Luckily her classes ended at 11.00am because Wed was a sports day for her uni. So, it was quite a coincidence. Hehe..

Berberboo said...


LingDi said...

Haha.. Didn't see the snow. But, hopefully will. I saw snow last year in Japan. But the snow wasn't soft but hard! Like ice kacang! Haha..