Friday, December 21, 2007

Pictures from Nihon

Apologies! I know this is quite a delay but, I just want to put up some pictures that I took in Japan. Plus, I didn't post anything related to my experience in Japan after I was back from YE. So, hope you guys will enjoy them!

Mandy, Me, Fu Yuan and May

Me and my host mother at Saga's You Me Town

At the Lions' activity :)

Eating Jap crepe at Fukuoka

Me and Yoshie in kimonos

At one of the models in Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Museum.

At mt host grandma's house... It was snowing!

At the Lions' meeting :)

At Peace Memorial Park

On our way to Miyajima Island!

Snowy, snowy place! ^_^

Taking a spa :)

With my beloved YEs at Changi Airport.


Sherp said...

:D :D pretty pics!! so fun! me wana go

LingDi said...

Haha.. I also want to go again!