Friday, March 13, 2009


Guess what?! One of the "coolest" thing that could happen to me had just happened to me yesterday. =(

Photo taken when I was in the clinic..

I fell down the stairs. And twisted my right ankle. My left leg is a little sprained too.

Big difference between the right & left leg. Btw, Yasmin helped me to apply some Salonpas 'koyok' =)

It was a nice, free day when I had to mood to go play tennis. So, I decided to ask for transportation from the college. I was told to find this particular lecturer who is in-charged of sports activities to approve the transportation request. I went up Tangga 9 to his staffroom and only to find that he wasn't there. So, I decided to just leave the place and go back to my apartment. At the brief moment in time, when I was walking down the first few steps, I think I ter-missed one step and fell forward. But, as all of us know, we normal people would have normal reactions, so I tried to stop myself from falling by both of my legs. The situation is unexplainable but, I remembered feeling both of my legs cracking and twisting as I fell. After a falling a few steps, I managed to stop and sat down. The pain was so painful that I couldn't move. And it made me almost cry! I even had to get Joanna to help me out. She was so helpful that she went to get her Physics lecturer to send me to the clinic. Really thank God I didn't have any fractures or broken ankle but just a big, swollen feet. =(

Still swollen. And bruises are starting to appear below my toes.

And I am having a hard time walking normally. I even had to walk like an old lady. But, one good thing about this is that I can spend more time in my apartment studying instead of walking around or going out shopping. I really hope it'll recover soon. And hopefully by that time, I will be able to find the lecturer so I can go for tennis! ;)

P/s: Pls take a look at this. Really funny pics of me!


lynn-w said...

hope you'll get well soon!!

you know, for speedy recover, believe in God, our Healer!


nanotayy said...

heyheyy. take care and recover soon!

and the pictures, haha.