Saturday, March 14, 2009


Things changed a lot ever since I came to KTT. I started to take up guitar lessons from my roommate. I wasn't very good at first especially with the strumming and I almost even gave up on guitar! But, recently, my interest to play guitar struck me again and I started to learn to play some songs. Besides my roommate, I have other friends who are very kind to teach me.

I can now play 2 and 1/2 songs. I'm super excited coz' I never think I could play out a particular tune from the guitar. Lol~. And btw, my CF Leader decided to assign me to play guitar for one of our CF's praise and worship! It's kind of too fast for me but, I'll try to practice and practice hard for it. Even Daddy and Mummy was surprised when I told them about it. They were like,"Huh?! You can play or not?!" Haha!

Btw, exams coming up! My AS trials coming up end of March and AS in mid of May. Going to be super busy with exams for these few months. Please remember me in your prayers. Plus, I can't guarantee any frequent updates from myself on this blog as I will be trying to hide this laptop away so I can concentrate on my studies. But, worry not my readers! For Hammer the Spammer will continue to spam my blog to keep all of you entertained. Will you, Hammer? Lol~


Pyroboy1911 said...

picking up guitar is fairly easy, dont you think? ;)

LingDi said...

It is.. Esp playing with chords but, getting the right strumming is difficult. Practice makes perfect. Haha.. I'm still a beginner.. Need to learn more from friends.. ;)