Monday, March 16, 2009

Mummy Visits KTT

Hey guys.. I'm blogging here from KTT's computer lab. Just sent Mummy off. She came to visit me. It was quite a sudden visit. I was in the library revising Physics when I saw 7 missed calls and 1 msg from Daddy telling me that Mummy's on her way to my college.

Mummy brought loads of things for me. Loads of biscuits and prunes for me. I miss Mummy so much ler.. Almost cried when I walked her to the taxi. But, I had to 'tahan'. Cannot acting like little kid anymore. Ok.. Tears are rolling down my cheeks now. =(

I think I better stop here. Don't want to think so much. Better focus on studies. Currently revising Physics. Stationary waves are not really making any sense now. But, I know I can handle it. God is with me. Please do pray for me.

P/s: My leg is recovering. But, there are more bruises on it. Not very swollen. Hope it'll recover 100% soon. ;)


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Aww.. Tnx! Hugs too!