Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Night to India

First of all, my apologies to all of you for not updating my blog often nowadays! And also thank you to my blog's spammer, Hammer, for covering up things for me. It's really kind of you, Hammer, though you're a spammer. =)

OK, back to the real topic. Honestly, I had never attended an Indian event before I came here. Trust me.. We don't have this often in Sarawak. But, it is a good experience to attend such a fun KTT Ponggal Charity Night. The Indian Cultural Society in my college had worked hard day and night to organise the Ponggal Charity Night.

Very nice, detailed deco =)

I was quite lazy to go actually but, after seeing everybody to excited about it, I decided to just go. And it was the right decision. I even got to borrow my neighbour's Punjabi dress!

Before we leave...

Walking excitedly to the bus! Btw, we're one of the early birds there..

We had loads of fun taking pictures, talking, eating nice food and cheering for the performers. And I must really admit that most of us felt like as if we're in India. Don't you think so? Lol!

Yummylicious food!

Pls click to view the pictures in a larger form. Sorry coz' too many pics! ;)

The performances were very good. Though there's a little too many of dance performances, I did enjoy all of them. Btw, 2 lucky girls sitting with me each won a lucky draw prize except me! =( I was actually hoping I could win one but.. Lol!

Blasting performances!

The night ended with an open floor dance. I didn't really dance coz they didn't off the lights and I wasn't into the mood. I just shake a bit with my friends then, got of the stage and went back. ;) The whole event was indeed fun!

Me love this pic!

Well, I must really admit that KTT is one of the best college to prepare students to India coz' ya' know.. Ponggal Night, water crisis issues.. What's next then?

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