Saturday, December 24, 2005

Encounter with Santa Claus!

Well, you guys might think that Santa Claus is an English educated person but, wait till you read this.
I went to Parkson yesterday to have some pizza meal with my sisters and a cousin. While eating, we saw a Santa Claus giving out some sweets to ppl especially kids. Ntg was really on my mind that time when I saw Santa. But, after the pizza, we went to the department store there and have a walk. We saw Santa again! This time, we try to approach Santa and get some sweets. My sister, Lynn Xuan made the first move. She went and shake hands with him and greeted him 'Merry Christmas'. I was the second one. When I shaked hands and say 'Merry Christmas', Santa responded by saying : Eh, why you again?? (in Chinese again oh...)
Shocked!!! In my mind, I thought I had already ask for sweets but, I haven't even met Santa yet! What's wrong?
After listening to Santa's voice, I realise that Santa was actually Jinn Wei's friend in English tuition. I wanted to pull his beard to make sure but, he kept taking a step behind. Haha.. Then, he distributed sweets to us and went away by, asking me to ask Jinn Wei.
Haha.. What an encounter with Santa. And, now I realise that Santa is not only English educated but, he also knows how to speak Mandarin. We can't stop laughing when we went away. It's a quite good experience though! Haha...

P/s: I don't believe in Santa anyway. The real Santa that all the kids believe to exist. The only reason for this is Christ! Now I realise that because I wasn't aware of this. From today onwards, NO SANTA!!!



Sherp said...

hahaha, that's really funny

< u3!y!nG > said...

hahaha... sherlene told me first then i went on to read ur blog.. so funny.. but u sure must be surprised when santa said u again?