Monday, March 19, 2007

F for Service

I went to The 'D' Hotel last night for a wedding reception. Before, I was so excited coz' I haven't been to a wedding reception since a few years ago. Miss the food and the atmosphere of: YAMMMMMMMMMSEI!!!!
I reached there quite early. I didn't go there early to eat... I went there early because I had to ok? Don't misunderstand. So, I waited and waited for the whole event to take place! And, I ended up waiting for a almost 1 hour +!!! It was suppose to start at 6.30pm but it started at around 7.30pm. What???!!! So frustrated and hungry at that time.
But, at least there were food. Food was nice and standard, not to flowery and not to simple. Just nice. However, I discovered that the service there was really terrible! Why? Have you ever seen a waitress coming to you and shout at your ears: Excuse me! What drink you want?!
Waliao!!! -_-|| Where on earth there is such a service in a hotel like this? Even worst, when it was time for dessert, we were suppose to have our napkins on the table. So, this lil' Miss Waitress, instead of helping me to put the napkin on the table, she asked me: Nah... Ni kan ta men ce yan chuo no zian chuo OK??!! (Eng: You see how they do, you do it like this)
-_-|||| Aduh! I really want to complain to the hotel about how terrible their service is! I'm not trying to say she is very terrible but, the way she serves ppl is really wrong! -_-||||
I fully don't recommend this hotel to you all to organise your wedding reception or any functions. It's just going to make you feel embarrassed!
Luckily, I was in a good mood last night so, I wasn't really -_-|||| at this... She should thank God that I didn't complain abt her! Haha...


lynnx01 said...

HAhah! The D hotel! Well, I personally think that the Cafe 'R' there serves good western food.. that's 'cos it's buffet!! Self-service, obviously.

LingDi said...

Haha.. That's a good point! Btw, the D hotel's restaurant is no good but, Cafe R is much more better... Hehe..

Sherp said...

i din even misunderstand when u say u go there early.. until u said so :P joking.. hmm.. u become like ah wei with =.=||| haha i like that expression too