Saturday, April 28, 2007

Is it wrong to be kind?

Is there anything wrong to lend a helpful hand? Is there??!!
I don't see anything wrong...
'rents can sometimes don't understand 'ren. When ever they can't get their 'ren to do smth that they want them to do, they will just keep lesturing.. saying the same thing all over and over again! WHY? A reflex action? 'Haha' Very funny!
It's very harsh to me. If I do smth wrong, just a little thing, BLA ... BLA.... BLA!!!!
But, if my little sister does smth wrong, hmm....ok....ok...
She has been very very naughty! On the phone at night... Msging... If it is not me who banned her from contacting that KFC, bye little sis!
WHY WHY WHY????!!!!!!
Almost everything I do is for them. If is not, I wouldn't be studying so hard, I wouldn't be holding a post which I am not happy with.
However, I forgive them... I really do.
Sorry if I had hurt you guys... Sorry...


lynnx01 said...

I know what KFC you're talking about now! Well, you're saying Mummy Daddy scold you? Well.. sometimes you're also too much. But we all have our weak points. Just remember that we humans are sinful.. no matter how much we try. Let us not pin point to anyone, let us not judge. Just commit unto Him.

Dancing Queen said...

Don't get too upset when your parents scold you. I know you must have heard it before - it's for your own good. I know sometimes it seems like parents are prejudice but it's not easy being a parent either...

Anyway, cheer up girl! :D

l y n n w e i said...

lynthia..sorrie! from my heart!! i know i've always make u feel sad...remember the time u cried when i dont let u watch Pasta??

i feel very bad also!

jsut want u to know, that u are loved by mommy, daddy and yr jie jies!!

even though we dont say, but in our heart, u're the best sister! because u're patient, loving, cute, slow to anger, lovely, understanding, forgiving, smart, humble, and so much more!

u're the best!!! and u're loved by everyone!

i promise to love u more and treat u better, k!

love love love!!! muaks!!!!

Lynna said...

Hello? Please remember that sometimes I'm the one kena scold and you're the one laughing at me!