Saturday, July 16, 2005

La la la¬

Hey... I am kinda bored and a bit sleepy now. I am going out for dinner later with Amanda for her birthday later and then, got tuition, and then, need to finish off my homework. Ohh... busy busy busy... Let me think... What should I talk about now.. Oh yeah... I know... MALAYSIAN IDOL!!!
Malaysian Idol.
Ok, Malaysian Idol's last workshop was just last night but the resukts are going to be announced tomorrow night. Well, I support Daniel, Trisha and urm... maybe Farah. But, I really hope Daniel will get in coz' he is really good and also Trisha. I think she will be one of the best singers there. Well, the last 2 workshops were ok... I totally support the 2nd workshop resluts. I think that will be good. Though the results aren't satisfying for the judges, but, I believe that the one who got through will improve more and realise that they must work hard and don't dissapoint the voters. What I am sad about in the first workshop was that Lisa didn't get in. She was one of the best singers there and hope to be one of the best singers there too.. Why didn't she have the chance to get in?? I voted for her... Xierra was ok but, I think Lisa will deserve more than she deserved. Hope Lisa will get into Top 10 in the wildcare selection. Hope for the Best... Can't wait till the Top 10... Haha...


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hey hey hey

I dun watch malaysian idol...hahaha