Saturday, August 20, 2005

Holidays are here...

Hey again. Holidays are here. But, I won't be enjoying it because after holidays, I will be having my PMR trial. Imagine it. But, I don't feel sad or what. Maybe because I just wanna get all of these done so that I can fully enjoy the long holiday after PMR. About 48 days to go! Go go go!!! Well, I am going to the Free To Be concert tonight. Well, must be very fun because there will be Pastor Chris Long, Altered Frequency and more performances. Ppl in Miri who believes in God, Go! Don't regret if you don't coz' you are going to enjoy it! Plus, I will be going to KK (Kota Kinabalu - please don't think that I am going to KK bookstore) for three days tomorrow. I will be going to the island but not the mountain coz' guess that we don't have much time too. Anyway, it will be a very great trip. I am not feeling that comfortable now coz' I just got gastric last night and don't really have the mood now but, thank God that I am better now. I am eating 'nangka' now. My dad just opened it. Taste very diff but just ok. Well, need to go to pack my things opr else... I would be going to KK empty-handed.

P/s ; Tonight is Miss HK finals. Favs : Tracy Ip, Carrie Lam, Kitty Man and Erica Yuen.


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