Saturday, August 27, 2005

Kota Kinabalu : One of the Best Place I Had Ever Been To!

Kota Kinabalu. A very nice and unique name with a place with is magnificent and fun. I love that place. I came back from KK last Tues. It was sooo fun! 'Undescribable'.
21 Aug 2005:
I reached KK around 9.15 am. Then, went to the hotel and checked-in. While waiting for the rooms, we went to the Gaya Street and bought a lot of souvenirs. Urm, Gaya Street is smth like a Sunday Market. Very crowded and noisy but, very nice and fun buying all those souvenirs. The souvenirs there are all a lot cheaper than other places. After that, we went for lunch at Pizza Hut. Then, we went back to the hotel to get our rooms then, changed to our beach attire and make our way to the jetty. Well, we actually planned to go to Pulau Manukan, but because of the numbre of passengers to go to the island is small, so we went to Pulau Sapi instead. My dad, Lynn Xuan, Lynna and I went for parasailing! It was so FUN! I love it. I was scared at first but, after I was pulled up, wow... VERY FUN! While we were enjoying, my mum and Lynn Wei was there in the boat too watching us. After we went back to the hotel, we went to Centre Point for dinner. Then, at 9 pm, Lynn Wei's friendly friend brought her and I for a sight-seeing in KK. The place was so big and nice. Then, we went for supper at a place called 88. We had our first time eating a dish which was a delicacy in KK. It's called 'sui chiao kuoh ti'. Not really accurate lar but, smth like that. We were so dumb and didn't know what was that. But, it tasted really nice and I love it!

22 Aug 2005
Well,woke up around 7.30 am and went looking for breakfast with Lynn Wei at Api. But, unfortunately, there is no place. Argh! Can't even find one place for breakfast but, actually there was not many shops there. Only in Damai and other part of the city. Haha. Then, we went to Mount KK brought by my dad's friend. It took us 2 hours to reach there. The place was cooling and MAGNIFICENT! I love that place but, quite scary coz' it was very high up. Well, didn't have the opportuinity to climb but, better next time coz' I don't think i have the guts too. We also went to the hot spring where all of us had already lost our energy. Then, on the way back, we saw the clouds began to move away and we stopped down at a canteen and watch the scenery and we actually had the chance to see the peak of the mountain. We stopped there for half an hour. It was so nice and COOL!I love the feelings
. I will never forget about it. Then, we went for dinner 'chia' by the uncle and his family. It was really appetizing and I love the rice there. Very good smell and taste good. Then, we reached the hotel exhausted and rested in the hotel. Very tired but, fun!

23 Aug 2005
Well, I went to the hotel's comlimentary breakfast. Almost ate for an hour. Actually, I can still fit in more food but, because of the complains by my lil' sister, I had to stop and went to the souvenir shop and buy some cool stuffs. Then, Lynn Wei and Lynn Xuan went to Tuaran just to eat the a renowned food called Tuaran Mee. They were brought by Lynn Wei's friend too. While they were going there, my mum, Lynna and I went to Centre Point for a walk then, had our lunch at Burger King. Then, we went to the airport and checked-in. At last, HOME SWEET HOME!

This holiday trip is really nice and I really love it! It has not help me to gain more experiences but also had helped our family to grow a closer relationship. I LOVE KK!!!

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n|cö|ee^ said... good..people go holiday ehh...*wallows in jealousy* haha! glad to see you had such a great time there!