Saturday, September 08, 2007

More about Lim Yu Zhong

Weeks before LYZ's concert in Miri, my friend told me that he is going to have a concert in Miri. I was so excited and nervous. Excited was because I really want to see him but nervous because I scared I couldn't make it again like what had happened before - Daniel's concert. Then, few days after, my friend told me again that LYZ is having his concert on 3rd Sept. Wait a minute, 3rd Sept????!!!! I was stunned. I felt even more nervous because it was going to be on my birthday! Oohhh....
Then, one day, my friend called again. He said he was going to buy the tickets for the concert and asked me whether I want to buy or not. So, I persuaded my parents and my dad said "Oh, on your b'day huh? Go go go.. Can..." So, I got the tickets.

Me posing with my ticket!

On that very special day, I was very excited. I kept thinking about it. Vivian and Emandy told me that they have a surprise for me and asked me to reach the place earlier. I was so curious and nervous, wondering what's the surprise. Then, when I reached there, I found out that my friend had a special pass to personal take a picture with him. She planned to bring me along to take a picture with him. I was flabbergasted! We waited and waited and finally got to see him. However, they seems to be in a hurry. Right after we went in, they urged us to hurry.

My friends and I posing with LYZ ^*^

After that, we went to the ballroom and take our seats. The concert started in about 15 minutes later.
The stage

He started off with 'Kong Qiu Qian', one of The Beginning's theme song which I love a lot! After he sang, I screamed a few times. The host actually noticed it and asked who was.

LYZ and the host

Thanks to my 'badges-lover' juniors, they pointed me. The host said something which I couldn't really remember and said that he will invite me to the stage during the game session. Then, LYZ continued to sing another two songs.

LYZ singing... His songs are really nice~

Then, it was game session! I actually thought the host would forgot about me but he didn't! He called me up the stage. My juniors even told the host that I'm having my birthday that day. The host said that this sure be my best present as I could see LYZ and shake hands with him too. ^*^ Then, each of us got to introduce ourselves to LYZ. For a Chinese who doesn't take Chinese as one of the subjects like me, I struggled to understand what the host was saying. I realised that we were suppose to sing LYZ's song. Oh-oh... I love his songs but, I don't read Chinese lyrics so, I basically don't know the lyrics of his songs except the chorus. But, thank God that he has a duet with Sheila Majid which has Malay words in it. I know how to sing the whole song. So, I sang it! Haha~ I actually forgot the lyrics but, LYZ helped me out a bit and I think he actually sang with me in some parts. I was sooooo happy.. Haha~ He even commented that my voice is sweet. Ah~~~ La la la... So, in the end, I got to personally take a picture with him. I was so happy and excited.. After that, he ended the concert with another two songs.

Another picture for LYZ singing

During the autograph session, I went up twice because I forgot to ask him to write "Happy Birthday" for me. He even drew a smiley on it! Haha~

Autograph session

I was really happy on that DAY.

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