Monday, July 14, 2008


It's really hard for me to focus on my studies here! I just can't get used to the studying environment here... :( I really miss studying at home. Please pray for my concentration and discipline.

I feel so slow and silly sometimes. While everybody is being able to study well, I'm here feeling confused! And during Physics class just now, our lecturer gave us a pop quiz where everybody answered correctly for the last question. And guess what?! I got it wrong! I'm so stress... Everybody got it correct except me who didn't think carefully. Oh Lord, please help me! I really need you!

But, no matter what, I will try my best! I must have faith in Him. I will prove to everybody that I can do it! 加油!


lynnx01 said...

Hey, don't be so sad just over one thing. Aim for yourself A's in all your subjects will do. While my peers were aiming 100% in Intec, I was just aiming A's.. so life was fine.

tabbydlim said...

hey! i know how you feel. i was surrounded by all the genius ppl in secondary school too! i'm sure joanna will help you if you ask her. she helped me a lot and taught me some things last time.

anyway, just do your best! and pray. :) take care! don't let those other ppl get you down. u're just as good as them.


Sherp said...

remember what we talked about lynthia.. don look too deep into it that it's "hard", just do ur best in learning them, and the rest will come naturally. let me knw wat i can do to help

Pyroboy1911 said...

enjoy ur current break ;)

Chelle~ said...

Don't worry Thia!! You're just rusty... I was like that too when I first went to college! Don't worry, you and I both know you'll do fine :)