Thursday, July 03, 2008


I'm starting to like lavender flower. It is not only beautiful, but also carries a beautiful definition: The promise of love. Well... It's not really the definition but, this is what I had interpreted from the Taiwanese drama, Lavender (2002).

I had watched this drama years ago on TV but, I didn't watch it regularly. Only managed to watch the last few episodes. So, recently, the urge to re-watch this drama pop-ed out. Since I was still on my looooonngg holidays, I decided to re-watch the whole drama using YouTube.

Thank God that the drama only has 15 episodes. Otherwise, I would have to spend hours loading the videos on YouTube. It was really fresh re-watching this drama as I had no idea what the actors and actresses were talking about when I first watched it. At last I get to understand what they were saying as there were subtitles provided. Btw, did I mention that I always have to depend on the subtitles whenever I watch TV? Haha!

The drama, Lavender, is truly touching. There were a lot of different kinds of feelings when I was watching it. And guess what? I really think this drama is very successful because it managed to influence my feelings and mood after watching it. Highly recommended for those emo people! Haha...

But, seriously, although this is quite an old drama, I will still recommend it to you all because this is really a nice drama. It's worth it! Even the OST songs are sweet and nice! So, do give it a try whenever you all are free. Don't hesistate! ;)

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