Wednesday, July 09, 2008

First Week In KTT

I think I shall just call my college KTT instead of ETC since everyone is doing so. Well, I have been in KTT for a week. It was very fun but, terribly tiring. I could hardly sleep early as we had practices for the orientation performance till midnight. But, everything was great. Let's start with my apartment. In my very honest opinion, the apartment is really good. Far better than my sister's ex-apartment at Subang. Thank God! But, I got the one at the upper most floor which means I will have to climb a lot of stairs! But, I'm quite fine with it. Can exercise right?

My comfy bed :)

My table is the one closest to the balcony...

Our food! Mine's on the 3rd shelf...

The very small kitchen!

Our 'jadual bertugas'! Hehe... (notice our birthdays too?)

My housemates: Suraya & Yasmin and roommate: Joana are wonderful friends. Really thank God to have them as my housemates. They are all West Malaysians. I also made lots of new friends: Christine, CL, Aileen, BL, Beh, Hui Fen and lots more!

Me and my housemates!

The college doesn't have a lot of eating place. Only got 2 cafeterias that serve Malay food. I'm still trying to get used to the food here. So far, besides the normal economy rice I had for lunch, I had eaten fried rice with mushroom, sizzling yee mee, fried kueh tiaw and Ramli's burger (Love it very much!).

Fried rice with mushroom...

I joined the CF there too. Really enjoyed it. Honestly, I really felt depressed for the first few days in KTT. But, after going to the CF on Wednesday night, I really felt relieved and calm. Really thank God for everything. The uncles and auntie who came were really friendly and nice. I'm still trying to suit myself to the place here.

Hope that everything will be OK. And I know it's going to be fun here. Don't worry! I will do my best no matter what. I will study hard! Please pray for me.

P/s: I will post about the orientation week soon. Stay tune!


Pyroboy1911 said...

u reminds me of my place back in Klang....but we dun have cleaning duty! juz leave it as it is :P

LingDi said...

Haha.. We just have to have one otherwise, who will clean the place for us? ;)

Sherp said...

yay, lynthia, im glad you are getting used to it and happy that uve made lots of nice friends!
cant wait to hear more abt it sooooon!! :D

Lynna said...

Yo sanjiee..

ღAmandaa said...



I believe you can get used to your new place soon. Jia you!

Take CARE! drink more water :D

miss you

ღAmandaa said...


I believe you can get used to your new place soon :D

Take CARE! drink more water..

miss you

lynnx01 said...

Worse at times, got cleaning duty but no one follows!

ღAmandaa said...


I believe you can get used to your new place soon :D

jiayou :D

take careeeeeee

esthrone said...

i love ramli's too =)

*u will soon get used to it and start enjoying college life*

LingDi said...

I love Ramly's burger sauce! Yum.. Haha!
Yeah.. I'm starting to adapt to this place here. ;)