Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back On Track

Holidays' over and now, it is back to school! There will be more exams, revisions, studies and a lot more! I can't wait to sit for SPM and to graduate from my school!


l y n n w e i said...

honestly, i dont want to graduate from high school! wish i'm stil in form 4 or 5!!

like now, i have 2 more years...i really wish i dont no...if i dont, i'll be stuck here..aha..better graduate!

ok, i wanna go back to form 5 or 4!!!

LingDi said...

Yeah.. Maybe I will feel so when I graduated from StCo. But now, I really want to fin off SPM fast! Haha..

Mandy said...

Jia yew, Lynthia~ Gambatte kudasai ya!

l y n n w e i said...



jia you!
sayang scooby for me!!

l y n n w e i said... it possible not to put the song!
each time i come visit...suddenly my bytes fly away..


becoz it really takes a lot of my bytes..

but if u dont want, then.... never mind...


Sherp said...