Friday, October 19, 2007

Kuching Trip

On the Merdeka weekend, my family and I managed to grab some tickets to fly back to Kch. Finally! I haven't been to Kch for a very long time! I really do miss Kch.
So, I flew there with my parents in the morning first while my sisters had to use AirAsia in the afternoon. When we reached there, I quickly contacted my good old friend, Amber. I lost contact with Amber for about 6 to 7 years ago. She was my very best friend in OTS and she is still now.
After my sisters had arrived, we went to Mata Kch for dinner. Honestly, I had never been to Mata Kch. The place was really good and we could enjoy the nice Kch views from the roof top. We ordered a lot of food! After dinner, we went to Tun Jugah to shop.
On the next day, I met up with Amber and my StCo senior, Voon Chin. We had lunch at McD together. I thought our conversation would be quite awkward because I haven't seen Amber for a long time. But, everything turns out to be very natural and normal. We chatted about our school's stuff, life and more. After lunch, Amber and I went shopping.
At night, my family and I went to Mata Kch again for dinner but this time, with Daddy's friend. We didn't really order much but we were all bloated. My sisters and I went to Parkson after that and walked back to our apartment hotel.
Well, that's pretty much of what I did in Kch. Really hope I could go back to Kch again for a short trip. Hopefully, The Spring and Boulevard will be opened by that time.


lynnx01 said...

My friend says that place is called Top Spot lah.

l y n n w e i said...

hhmm...hehe...well, i dont think i'll get a chance to meet my kch friends!

i miss u lynthia!
hug hug hug

eFfAzArInA said...

i'm here already yesterday..but then forgot to leave my comment bout ur blog..lazy la..but u,i give u my comment also la..hahaha..WHAT A NICE BLOG U HAVE HERE!!! i like the theme very long oledi u didn't update ur blog?for years ah?hahahahah..joking only la..guess u're pretty busy ha?same la we all..hehehe..well,i think thats all i wanna say..

LingDi said...

Hey Effa! Tnx for your comment! Hehe...