Thursday, October 18, 2007

Zhang Dong Liang was here...In Miri

Zhang Dong Liang had a mini concert here in Miri on 5th September. His concert was held 2 days after LYZ's which was on my birthday. After going to LYZ's, my mum actually said "No" to me. But thanks to my sister, my mum agreed to let us go to ZDL's mini concert. I was kind of excited but not very compared to my excitement towards LYZ's. Hehe..
ZDL, originated from Kuching, was an Astro Talent Quest winner. I watched the whole competition at that time and did notice him as a good singer.

ZDL's 2002 look

Then, after a while, he started to bloom and got popular not only in Malaysia but also in Taiwan. I must admit that I am very happy for him because it is quite rare to find a very popular, successful Malaysian artist in Taiwan besides Guang Liang, Fish Leong and a few more.

His mini concert's backdrop

The mini concert was far from my expectations. I expected the concert to be like LYZ's which was just nice and not crowded till we can't enjoy much. There was A LOT of people on that night. Thanks to my junior, we got the middle seats. The concert started off slightly late and there was quite a number of people standing outside because there was no more seats. ZDL started off with his theme song: 王子.

"Wo shi ku lao de wang zhe... La la la.."

He has a very very good voice. I kind of like his new style of singing. The songs are really interesting and nice. As usual, my friends and I kept screaming and shouting. I could see that ZDL heard me screaming. When he was singing, I went to the front and waved at him and suprisingly, he noticed me and waved back.

Not bad.. He even invited the audience to sing with him! Haha~ Too bad I didn't really know his songs :(

Sadly, he only sang 3 songs! I expected for more songs because the ticket was quite costly. Plus, I really want to hear him sing more as he has a great voice and nice songs especially the song sang by Project Superstar's contestants: Superidol.
So, after his last song:
错了再错 , we rushed to queue up to get his autograph.

Autograph session!

Just like before, I prepared a small card with a small sketch of him. I could still remember him smiling to me. Ooh La La~ Haha.
The whole event was really good. The event actually changed me mind towards ZDL. I thought that he was quite quiet but he's not! He was really funny and has a good sense of humour. Haha.

P/s: I don't really like SP not because it is not nice but it's because of the cast selection. I prefer someone else to act as the main F character because the F character is seriously not suitable for SP and the main M character. I admit that I dislike her. Sorry.. Can't help it! Hehe...


Pyroboy1911 said...

wah, must be nice meeting someone popular! I wish F.I.R. would come to

LingDi said...

Yeah.. It is really nice to meet someone popular. Haha.. FIR is really a great group. I love their songs.. They have real talents..

Sherp said...

I wana see Will or Jay :) and S.H.E.

LingDi said...

Yeah.. I wanna see Jay. Btw, I saw SHE few years ago. Didn't really got very close to the stage that time..

Xiao zhu said...

Hi there :), lols, you got go to bishan on 3 may? He was at J8, he's wearinq grey xDD, l still remember he say hello to me :x, couldn't forget :l, anyway, nice pictures you've got from him :).

LingDi said...

Xiao Zhu,
Hey. I didn't.. :( I didn't know much about his events.. Haha.. Did he go there for a concert or what?
Tnx for visiting..