Friday, October 12, 2007

Exam is Over, Friends are Blogging, J-Drama...

Finally finally!!!! I had finished my trials! I was quite relaxed during the 2 weeks. I didn't want to stress myself up and didn't want myself to stay up so late just to revise. I just want to suit myself for the real SPM. So, I really hope that I can get a good result for this trials and study very very very hard for SPM. I really want it but, it all depends on God. I believe in Him.

Btw, at last!!! Joa and Chelle had finally created a blog for themselves each!

Me and the girls!

I had been quite lonely in the world of blogging for about 3 years and they finally came! Haha... Congrates to them...

Moving on to TV... I recently get to know abt this J-Drama called "One Litre of Tears".

It is really a very good and touching drama. I am very touched by the girl's courage and determination in facing her deadly disease - smth to do with the degenerating of the cerebellum. Scary disease huh? It is a real story. So, anyone who are free and has ntg to do, feel free to check up this J-Drama. It is really worth it to watch. :)

Here is a random picture for you guys!

St. Co's new club: The Rubbish Club! Haha..

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