Tuesday, April 29, 2008

College Intake Soon!

After months of holidays, doing nothing but watching TV, going online, going out with friends and other basic things, I am going to college soon! Don't I just sound excited?! Actually, I'm not. Looking back to the times where I am so carefree and happy, I will definitely miss them! And I will really miss the times where I always wake up late in the morning, going online while watching TV and hang out with friends all the time! Well, I really hope I can get a scholarship. I want it, I need it. (Please pray for me!) I have faith in God. ^_^ So, I will soon be back to classes doing countless homeworks, assessments and revisions!

Homeworks, assessments!!!

Back to the old days...

No matter what, I've got to be strong! I will do my best no matter what. 加油!!!

P/s: JPA scholarship results are soon to be released! I really hope I can get it! Please do pray for me... I will not give up because I have faith in God!


James TC Wong said...

Yes, we will pray for you!

James TC Wong said...
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^小老鼠^ said...

u will b great!!!=)