Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trip to KL

My trip to KL this time was really exhausting! I did lots of walking, shopping, eating and not forgetting, I had a 1 full day of interview! And I'm loving it! ^_'

On Wednesday, Daddy and I took an early flight there reaching KLIA at around 8.30am. Then, we took a taxi to ErJie's place then, to Cititel at Midvalley. After checking in, we went to have our lunch. That's when all the walking and eating started! I had my favourite Japanese udon and it tasted nice. Not very original but just OK. After that, we went shopping! Shop, shop, shop... ^_' For dinner, we went to C-Jade Restaurant and had some Chinese food.

At the Gardens with ErJie

Daddy's small bucket of rice and meat

Some of the clothes we bought! Hehe...

My interview was on the next day. So, I woke up pretty early at around 6.ooam! Had breakfast, then took a taxi to the place. The interview was difficult! But, OK overall. I actually had fun! Met lots of nice, interesting new friends all over Malaysia: Hui Chi, Daniel (old OTS schoolmate!), Avinash, Barath, Dhevia, Kok Peng, Ken, Dylan, Siew La, Julita, Chee King and some more. Btw, Sarah and Kershia was there too! So, felt better and wasn't lonely. There were individual and group assessment. The group assessment was pretty hard! I think I screwed up at the part where we had to write down our personal ideas. Didn't know whether we had to write an essay or not coz' it was suppose to be our personal ideas so, I only wrote down my ideas in a point form. Hope it's OK... After the whole interview, we exchanged numbers, took pictures and had a short chat. Really thank God for this wonderful opportunity! Praise the Lord! Btw, I bought some Big Apple Doughnuts (Berberboo larr... Her posts made me wanted to eat doughnuts but I couldn't find JCo!) at night for supper and it was so yummylicious!

During one of the group presentations...

A picture of Group B and the cute interviewers! Hope to meet them again...

On the very next day, I continued my walking, shopping and eating. Met Keanie-Weanie and he brought me to eat lots, I mean LOTS of food! Penang food, excellent curry puffs, 'tong sui' (糖水/Chinese dessert), 'kuih talam'... I was really bloated at the end of the day! We actually wanted to go for the Big Apple Doughnut but, I was too full. Besides, this friend of mine also brought along his baby, Nikon D80, to take pictures. What can I say... He is a good photographer and the pictures are truly good. But the only thing that annoyed me was he kept taking pictures of me when I wasn't ready and I looked weird! Haha! After he went back, Daddy, ErJie and I went shopping again before having our dinner at Dragon Eye, the restaurant near the hotel lobby. Daddy wanted to go try out the food there because the restaurant always seems to be packed with people and he was also wondering whether the food is nice or not. So, we had dinner there. I ordered 'la mian' and they ordered beef, assorted mushrooms and this really nice vege! The food was really yummylicous! No doubt and the prices there are just nice. After dinner, we went around shopping before going back to the hotel room.

I like this picture... ^_'

At Gurney Drive!

Penang chendol! Super nice~

The tiger is really, truly cute!

Chocolate Fondue!!!

Me with the super yummy curry puff! (Berberboo too larr... She wrote about curry puffs too! ^_')

Good take by Keanie-Weanie...

Yummylicious vege! I bet Joa would like it too! :)

My 'la mian'! I love the texture of the noodle!

We had to fly back to Miri on Saturday! Didn't do much in the morning because most of the shops weren't open yet at that time. But, managed to go to Carrefour. We wanted to buy the giant bread that ridiculously costs RM18 but, couldn't because the stall was still not open yet! So, Daddy and ErJie ended buying boxes of Big Apple Doughnuts. We dropped ErJie at her place before proceeding to KLIA. I was exhausted while on the plane and slept most of the time. At last, we reached home at about 4.00pm.


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lynnx01 said...

I totally love that picture your friend captured on the mirror while you are doing laptop. COOOL!

James TC Wong said...

Call Uncle James for makan next time! All the food pics make me hungry!


LingDi said...

Nice lerr.. Haha..

Uncle James,
Haha.. Sure! Looking the pictures also make me wanna eat them! Haha..

Myself_psl said...

thx for ur comments!
stpm actually is my decision!
but, my teacher said it's a waste of time, bcs i will waste the time as i have done for my spm!
Waiting the spm, i almost waste up to 6 months!
Haiz, feel useless!
So, hope i can get the matrik!
hope my 12A is not just for form 6!
Best of luck!
Sime darby interview group b, why i not in the pic, only me and julita not in the pic!
haiz, just joke!
good luck, tmr!

Berberboo said...

jco's is in pavillion la dear... u didnt go there ar? lol... now kuching has big apples too... but then... i havent go try... will blog about it... ^^

LingDi said...

I see.. Yeah lorr.. Didn't go Pavillion. Big Apples is also very nice.. :)