Thursday, April 03, 2008

To Explanade Beach!

About a week ago, I received a message from Joa asking me whether I was free of not at that afternoon. I knew something was going on so, I asked why and guess what?! She was craving for Explanade Beach's chicken wing 'panggang' and wanted to go there. So, I agreed to accompany her since she offered me a car ride. Haha! We went to pick Ivan then, made our way to the beach. We didn't do much but, just walked around then, went to buy the food! We had some chicken wing 'panggang' , 'ayam buntut' and not forgetting, the all time favorite drink, 'air kelapa'! Yummy~

Ivan staring at the lifeless log(?)...

Joa eating her chicken wing 'panggang'!


We didn't spend too long time there so, we went back right after we finished the food. The place was really good and of course, I don't mind going there again. ^_^ So, Joa, when are we going there again? Haha!

Baby crab!

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