Friday, April 25, 2008

My First Carls Jr.

When I was in KL last week, Keane convinced me to try out this Beef Chillies Cheese Fries from Carls Jr. He said it is really nice and very filling. However, I didn't get to try it because I didn't have the time to walk more. But...... Since I am in KL again... I went to try it!

Carls Jr!

Yum yum...

It was really yummy. The beef and cheese tasted the same as the nachos I had at Siamese Secrets. Btw, it is best to eat it while it is hot because it will definitely bring out the aroma and the taste very well.


Lynnwei said...

oh...i wonder how much calories...looks like very fatty..ahaha

but i wanna try too!!!!!

lynnx01 said...

VERY FATTY indeed. HAha!

LingDi said...

LynnWei & Lynnx01,

Yes! Fatty! But, ok larrr.. It's filling though.. Dajie, you can afford to try it often but not me! Hmph.. :)